Upload Local Music to Amazon Music

How to Upload Music to Amazon Music 2024 [Ultimate Guide]

Ultimate guide: Upload music to Amazon Music 2024

Uploading local music to Amazon Music allows you to access your entire music collection in one place, enhancing your music streaming experience. There is a step-by-step guide accessible here if you are having trouble loading your local music to Amazon Music. This ultimate tutorial will provide insights on adding your local music on Amazon Music, as well as tips on importing music from well-known services like Spotify or Apple Music to Amazon Music. Furthermore, we'll share a bonus tip on moving your Amazon Music library to any streaming service, giving you even more flexibility with your music library. After reading this, you may optimize your music collection and seamlessly enjoy your favorite songs across different platforms.

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Upload Local Music to Amazon Music (Full Steps Tutorial)

You can upload your local music files to Amazon Music with the Amazon Music app. Here are the steps:

  • Step 1. Open the Amazon Music app.
  • Step 2. Click [Profile] in the upper right > [Settings].
  • Step 3. Scroll down to [Automatically Import Music From].

import music to amazon music

To upload music from Windows Media Player or iTunes, toggle on the corresponding button.

import wmp and itunes to amazon-music

If iTunes does not show up in this interface, please open iTunes app > [Edit] > [Preferences] > [Advanced] > [Share iTunes Library XML with other applications].

To upload music from a folder, click on [Select Folder] and browse your computer to find the folder that contains your local music files. Then click on [Select Folder].

import local music folder amazon music

Find and play your local music on Amazon Music:

  • Step 1. Navigate to the [Library] > [Music] > [Songs].
  • Step 2. Click [Filter] > [Locations] > [Offline].

The quality of your music is preserved after you submit it to Amazon Music. You can enjoy your uploaded music on the devices that Amazon Music supports. With the integration of Alexa, you can even control your music playback using voice commands.

play local music on amazon music

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  1. File size should be within 250MB or 10 hours.
  2. Total uploaded music files should not exceed 50,000.

Cannot Upload Your Music to Amazon Music?

If you cannot upload music to Amazon Music, please check the format of your music files. Only MP3, M4A, WMA, FLAC, OGG, and ALAC are supported by Amazon Music. Before uploading your music files to Amazon Music, you must convert them if they are in another format, such as AAC.

You can use a professional free tool called Format Converter in AudiFab Amazon Music Converter to convert any audio file format to another format without sacrificing quality. This tool can decrypt Amazon Music songs and playlists, enabling you to transfer them to any device or platform. Here are the steps on how to use it.

  • Step 1. Download AudiFab and open it.
  • Step 2. Tap [Tools] on the left > [Format Converter].
  • Step 3. Import the song your want to convert to AudiFab.
  • Step 4. Adjust output settings on the right.
  • Step 5. Click [Convert].

audifab format converter

Manage your local music on Amazon Music

Click [...] on the right of the song > [Edit Metadata] > [Apply].

Click [Tick] on the left of [...] > [Delete].  

Press and hold the song, then drag it to the playlist on the left that you want to add it to. Or right-click the song and select [Add to Playlist].

Free or Paid Ways to Upload Spotify/Apple Music/Streaming Music to Amazon Music

There are two main ways you can transfer your music library from Spotify, Apple Music, or any other streaming service to Amazon Music.

Method 1. Download Spotify/Apple Music to MP3 and upload them locally :

💻 Tool Required: AudiFab Spotify Music Converter

🚀 Feature: A versatile and secure app can 10x speed to download any Spotify content to MP3 or other common formats with ID3 tags and 100% original audio quality for Spotify Free/Premium.

💡 How to Use:

  • Step 1. Open AudiFab. Click App.
  • Step 2. Drag your Spotify songs to AudiFab.
  • Step 3. Choose MP3 as the output format
  • Step 4. Click [Convert].
  • Step 5. Upload the downloaded Spotify MP3 files to Amazon Music app.

After conversion, you can upload downloaded Spotify music to Amazon Music, iTunes, or any other streaming music service, or transfer to USB, burn to CD, MP3 player, etc.

audifab spotify music converter

💻 Tool Required: AudiFab Apple Music Converter

🚀 Feature:  An easy-use app especially for fast speed downloading the entire Apple Music library to MP3 or other common formats with ID3 tags and up to 3,730kpbs sound quality.

download winTry It Free download macTry It Free

*For macOS 10.14 or below, download V1.4.3.

💡 How to Use:

  • Step 1. Open AudiFab. Click App.
  • Step 2. Add your Apple Music songs to AudiFab
  • Step 3. Select MP3 as the output format
  • Step 4. Tap [Convert].
  • Step 5. Upload the downloaded Apple Music MP3 files to Amazon Music app.

audifab apple music converter

Method 2. Free tool to Transfer Spotify/Apple Music to Amazon Music: ⭐⭐⭐

💻 Tool Required: TuneMyMusic

🚀 Feature: Move your music collection between any music platforms you like! Compatible with Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music, YouTube, Amazon Music, Pandora, etc.

💡 How to Use:

  • Step 1. Open the TuneMyMusic website.
  • Step 2. Select the source (Spotify/Apple Music/...)
  • Step 3. Select playlists to move.
  • Step 4. Choose a destination (Amazon Music/Anywhere)
  • Step 5. Click "Start Moving My Music".

Note: The audio transferred by TuneMyMusic may not keep the lossless quality.


Bonus Tip: How to Upload Amazon Music to Any Streaming Music Platform

You love Amazon Music for its huge catalog of songs and podcasts, its amazing sound quality and spatial audio features, and its seamless integration with Alexa. However, there are times when you wish you could listen to your Amazon Music songs on other platforms, like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and more. This is challenging, though, as tracks from Amazon Music are encrypted and secured, making it impossible for them to function on other hardware or platforms. 

AudiFab Amazon Music Converter can feet your meet, for AudiFab can unlock and convert your Amazon Music tracks to MP3/AAC/WAV/FLAC/AIFF/ALAC. It is a straightforward yet effective program. To ensure that you don't lose any information or detail, AudiFab also preserves the original audio quality (up to Ultra HD) and ID3 tags of your songs.

audifab amazon music converter

AudiFab Amazon Music Converter

  • Download Amazon Music with the original audio quality kept.
  • Convert Amazon Music to MP3/AAC/FLAC/WAV/AIFF/ALAC swiftly.
  • Remain the ID3 Tags information and lyrics of tracks after conversion.
  • Permanently save Amazon Music for offline listening.
  • Enjoy free updates & technical support.

💡 Guide to Download Amazon Music Songs to MP3

Since MP3 is the most widely used format and is compatible with practically all music players, we choose downloading tunes from Amazon Music to MP3 as an example.

Download and Install AudiFab Amazon Music Converter

Install AudiFab on your Windows or Mac computer and launch it. Click App. Also starting up is the Spotify app.

download winTry It Free download macTry It Free

*For macOS 10.14 or below, download V1.3.4.

Add Amazon Music to AudiFab 

Your favorite albums, playlists, and songs from Amazon Music can be dropped or dragged to AudiFab for downloading MP3. Then press Add.

import amazon music to audifab

Choose MP3 as the output format for your Amazon Music

Click the "gear" icon in the bottom-left area of AudiFab to open the Settings window. Choose "MP3" as the output format from the pop-up settings box.

choose mp3 as output format

Download Amazon Music to MP3

Click Convert, then AudiFb will convert the selected songs to MP3. You can find downloaded Amazon Music MP3s in the output folder once the conversion is finished. These MP3 files from Amazon Music can now be transferred to any streaming music service.

start to download amazon music to mp3

🎞 Facebook Video: Download Amazon Music to MP3 format


Uploading music to Amazon Music is a simple and effective way to access your favorite songs and create a personalized music library. In this ultimate guide, we have outlined the steps to upload any music to Amazon Music, allowing you to enjoy your entire music collection in one place. Plus, you can easily enjoy your music on both Amazon Music and other platforms with the use of AudiFab programs, such as the AudiFab Amazon Music Converter. Managing and enjoying your music is now easier and more convenient with AudiFab.

AudiFab provides each user with 1-minute free trial of each song. To exploit more functions and keep your Amazon Music songs forever, please buy the full version!

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