make a collaborative playlist on spotify

How to Create a Spotify Collaborative Playlist 2023

Master how to create and share Spotify collaborative playlists.

"How do I create a shared playlist?
How do I make a playlist that everyone can add to?"

Passionate about music and eager to share it effortlessly? Look no further! Spotify's collaborative playlists are here to transform your music-sharing experience. A collaborative playlist allows you and your friends to contribute, edit, and enjoy a curated collection of songs together. Whether you want to make a playlist for a road trip, a party, or simply to share your favorite tracks, Spotify provides a seamless platform for collaborative playlist creation.

This guide is your ticket to mastering the art of collaborative playlists on Spotify. We'll walk you through the process of making collaborative playlists using either mobile or desktop. You'll also learn how to manage collaborators effectively and discover an alternative way to share your favorite Spotify tunes. Are you ready to amplify the joy of music together? Let's dive into the world of Spotify's collaborative playlists and embark on an unforgettable musical journey together!

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How to Create a Collaborative Playlist on Spotify

A collaborative playlist on Spotify lets you jam together with friends, discover new music, and create soundtracks for any occasion. You can invite anyone with a Spotify account to join your playlist, and they can add, remove, or shuffle songs as they like. Depending on who you want to have access to your playlist, you may decide whether to make it public or private.

Spotify offers all Spotify users the ability to create collaborative playlists on both mobile and desktop devices. Here's how you can create a collaborative playlist on Spotify:

  • Step 1. Launch the Spotify desktop app.
  • Step 2. Click “+” on the right of "Your Library" > "Create Playlist".create spotify playlist
  • Step 3. Go to your new playlist.
  • Step 4. Select "Invite collaborators". make spotify playlist collaborative
  • Step 5. Share the playlist link (that is valid for 7 days) with your friends or on other social media or messaging platforms.

  • Step 1. Open Spotify.
  • Step 2. Click “New Playlist” on the bottom left-hand side of the screen.
  • Step 3. Click the “+ “ icon > "Invite collaborators". make spotify playlist collaborative on phones
  • Step 4. You can send your friends a copy of the link or post it on other social media or messaging services.

💡 Some tips and tricks for using collaborative playlists on Spotify

  • To see who else has contributed to your playlist by looking at the user avatars in the playlist header.
  • To see who added each song or podcast episode by looking at the user avatars in the Added by column.
  • To listen to your playlist together with your collaborators in real-time using the Group Session beta feature.

How to Manage a Spotify Collaborative Playlist

How to Invite Everybody to a Collaborative Playlist - Making the Playlist Public:

  • Step 1. Go to the collaboration playlist in the Spotify app.
  • Step 2. Tap the three dots (...) under the playlist name.
  • Step 3. Select "Make Public" to allow anyone to find and join the playlist.
invite everybody to a collaborative playlist

How to Invite Only Certain People to a Collaborative Playlist - Making the Playlist Private:

  • Step 1. Repeat the two steps above.
  • Step 2. Select "Make Secret" or "Make Private" to limit access to specific users.
  • Step 3. Click “+” on the left of the three dots to copy the link of the collaborative playlist.
  • Step 4. Share the link to the one you want to invite.
invite certain people to a collaborative playlist

How to Remove Someone from a Collaborative Playlist:

  • Step 1. Open the Spotify playlist you created with others.
  • Step 2. Locate the person you want to remove from the list of contributors.
  • Step 3. Tap on their name to access their profile.
  • Step 4. To remove someone from the playlist, choose "Remove from Playlist" or "Remove from Collaborators".
  • Step 5. This will revoke their editing permissions and remove their songs from the playlist.
remove someone from the playlist

How to Add Someone's Collaborative Playlist to Your Library:

  • Step 1. Open the Spotify app.
  • Step 2. Search for the collaborative playlist you want to add.
  • Step 3. On the playlist page, tap the "Follow" or "Save" button to add it to your library.
  • Step 4. The playlist will now be accessible from your "Your Library" section.
add collaborative playlist to library

How to Add Songs to a Collaborative Spotify Playlist:

  • Step 1. Open Spotify and look for the desired song.
  • Step 2. Tap the three dots (...) next to the song.
  • Step 3. Select "Add to Playlist" or "Add to Collaborative Playlist".
  • Step 4. Choose the desired collaborative playlist to add the song.
add songs to a collaborative spotify playlist

Another Way to Share Spotify songs - Download Collaborative Playlists on Spotify

Making Collaborative playlists on Spotify offer a fantastic way to share and enjoy music with friends, but what if you want to take your playlist sharing to the next level? This is where the AudiFab Spotify Music Converter comes into play. With the versatility of the AudiFab, you can share Spotify playlists with your friends, even those without a Spotify account. 

AudiFab Spotify Music Converter is an easy-to-use tool that empowers Spotify Free and Premium to download any Spotify song, playlist, audiobook, or podcast. It offers numerous output formats, including MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, AIFF, and ALAC. By converting Spotify tracks to these formats, you gain the freedom to enjoy your music on various devices and platforms, as well as share it with your friends via USB drives or cloud storage. The high-quality audio output ensures that every beat and note is preserved, providing an immersive listening experience. experience. 

download spotify music to computer

AudiFab Spotify Music Converter

  • Download music from the Spotify app to the computer.
  • Convert Spotify playlist to MP3/AAC/WAV/FLAC/AIFF/ALAC.
  • Keep original audio quality, ID3 tags and lyrics after conversion.
  • One click to burn Spotify music to CD.
  • Free updates and technical support.

Let's explore how AudiFab Spotify Music Converter enables you to expand your music-sharing horizons.

Download and Install AudiFab Spotify Music Converter 

First, download, install, and launch AudiFab Spotify Music Converter on your computer. Hit App.

>>> Want to know differences between App or Web? Check online help.

choose spotify conversion mode audifab main interface

Add Collaborative Playlist to AudiFab  

Browse through your Spotify playlists and identify the collaborative masterpiece you wish to download. Then drag and drop it to AudiFab's main interface. 

add collaborative playlist to audifab

Personalize the Beat of the Collaborative Playlist: 

It's time to customize your music experience in the settings window. Select from a range of output formats, including MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, AIFF, or ALAC. Fine-tune the audio quality, conversion speed, and more to suit your preferences.

customize output settings

Ignite the Conversion: 

Hit the "Convert" button on the main interface. Watch as AudiFab transforms your selected collaborative playlist into a shareable format, ensuring every beat is captured flawlessly.

download collaborative playlist to mp3

Unchain Your Music

Once the conversion is complete, you can explore the output folder you set in Step 3 to view your curated collection of shared songs. Want to enjoy your downloaded collaborative playlist on the go? Connect your devices to your computer and effortlessly transfer the converted files. Embrace the freedom to listen to your favorite tunes anytime, anywhere.

downloaded mp3 collaborative playlist songs
🎞 YouTube Video: How to Download Spotify Music to MP3


Collaborative playlists on Spotify open up a world of music-sharing possibilities. By creating a shared playlist, you can connect with friends, explore new genres, and express your musical tastes. Throughout this guide, we have learned how to make collaborative playlists on both mobile and desktop, invite and manage collaborators, and share songs in a different method.

By using AudiFab Spotify Music Converter, you can download and convert your favorite Spotify songs, playlists, or podcasts to various formats, which can help you enjoy your Spotify collaborative playlist offline and on any device.

AudiFab Spotify Music Converter is free to try. It can be downloaded for free and converts the first minute of each audio file for sample testing. If the program meets your need, you can buy a license to unlock the time limit.

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